Twelve Months With Caroline

Cal has become quite a steady walker, with brief moments of running.  Her graceful and intentional movements are at a level I had expected to see at TWO years, not one.  She adds to her vocabulary daily – Her new favorite is “fan”, with an elongated “ffffff”.  She looks up and points when asked “where’s the fan?”  When asked “where’s your belly??”, Cal looks down and proudly smacks her round, baby, gut, with both hands.  She likes to “rocky, rocky…” in her tiny rocking chair at Granny’s house.  This kid amazes me with what she understands and what she is capable of learning.  When you watch her, you can tell that she is proud of herself. You can see that she is delighted with her new abilities, skills, and the possibilities that lie ahead as she explores her world.

Proud beyond words and delighted by what lies ahead – I watch you grow and feel the exact same way, baby girl.

Cal_12Months_small_1 Cal_12Months_small_2 Cal_12Months_small_3 Cal_12Months_small_4 Cal_12Months_small_5 Cal_12Months_small_6 Cal_12Months_small_7 Cal_12Months_small_8 Cal_12Months_small_9 Cal_12Months_small_10 Cal_12Months_small_11


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