Eleven Months With Caroline

At 11 months, Cal is officially a full-fledged walker.  It happened rather unceremoniously – I pictured one day she would stand up, walk a few steps, and Jay and I would celebrate!  I certainly pictured being able to tell her, “you took your first steps on “this” date…”.  Instead it was “one step” and “boom” thud, back to the ground.  “Two steps” and “boom”, back down.  Little by little she collected steps without falling and one day she was just… walking!  Cal LOVES Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”, and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk”.  Loves to dance to all music but especially these two.  Her signature move is a controlled and rhythmic “no, no, no” head shake.  Cal is very affectionate and “lovey” lately.  She’ll usually give “huggies” on request, including sincere and heart-melting “pat, pat, pats” with her tiny hands.

Cal_11Months_small_1Cal_11Months_small_2Cal_11Months_small_3 Cal_11Months_small_4Cal_11Months_small_5


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