Ten Months With Caroline

This month Cal had her first ever swim class and, of course, our water baby absolutely loves them.  She goes every Friday night.  Mama especially loves swim classes because that means one exhausted baby when we get home.  She barely makes it through her last bottle before passing out for the night.  At 9 1/2 months Miss Caroline just decided to stand up on her own one night.  Like, no big deal.  Jason and I were shocked.  Cal loves it when she gets attention and cheers for standing.  She squeals and flaps her hands, in response to Mama’s praise.  At ten months she has officially mastered standing on her own.  She prefers to hold a small toy or remote when she stands – Not sure why that is.  I think it’s a “security blanket” kinda thing.  She’s not yet confident enough to take steps on her own and still relies on holding one hand (barely) from Mom or Dad.  We’re SO close to walking.

Cal_TenMonths_small_1 Cal_TenMonths_small_2 Cal_TenMonths_small_3 Cal_TenMonths_small_4 This is what a proud Dad / water polo coach looks like.

Cal_TenMonths_small_5 Cal_TenMonths_small_6You have most of Daddy’s features, kid, but the eyelashes are 100% Mommy.  You’re welcome.

Cal_TenMonths_small_7 Cal_TenMonths_small_8Standing on her own.  Looking proud, with remote in hand.


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