Nine Months With Caroline

This month I can see Cal transforming from “baby” to “toddler”.  She’s so playful lately.  Cal likes being chased by “Mommy monster”, being tickled (especially under her arms and deliciously doughy baby thighs), following Mom and Dad all over the house (crawling – she’s getting fast!), and she goes crazy for the chance to jump around on our bed and climb pillow mountains.  Cal is communicating now with spoken words (she never did follow through on any sign language).  She says (and knows the context and meaning of) “baba – bottle”, “ha?! – hi”, “Muh?! – more”, and the first half of “Uh oh!” – if she drops something, it’s “UhT!”  OH, and this crazy kid has SIX full teeth, plus two on the way.

Cal_NineMonths_small_1 Cal_NineMonths_small_2My new favorite photo of her.  It’s always the accidental shots that I end up loving the most.  That baby has evil genius plans in mind.

Cal_NineMonths_small_3Waving to herself

Cal_NineMonths_small_4 Cal_NineMonths_small_5Play date with two handsome men and their mamas



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