Eight Months With Caroline

My baby is eight months old already?!  Somehow “eight months” sounds vastly older than “seven months”.  Miss Caroline is crawling all over the place – A unique scoot-crawl hybrid, the kid uses her left knee to move forward and tucks her bent, right, leg under and kinda drags it along.  Whatever works, baby.  She pulls herself up to standing on any stable (and sometimes unstable) piece of furniture she can grab.  Cal can wave, high-five, shake her head (known to the three of us as “wobbly wobbly”), blow spit bubbles, click her tongue, and has just started repeating “ba ba”, “ya ya”, and “da da”.  We’re still working on simple baby sign language, such as “eat” and “more” – I think she’ll have “eat” mastered within a month.   And speaking of eating, Cal picks up and feeds herself “puffies” like a pro, and now has FIVE teeth!

Month8_Small_1 Month8_Small_2 Month8_Small_3 Month8_Small_4 Month8_Small_5 Month8_Small_6


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