Five Months With Caroline

Mom is pretty late with this one – One month and five days late. I do have some valid excuses… Anyway… This month Caroline tried her first solid foods (and hated them all), she slept in her crib and in her room for the first time, she began sitting up on her own (slightly assisted) and she experienced her first Halloween. First solid foods were: cereal, avocado, squash, apples, and sweet potatoes. She’s not yet fond of the texture and spits out mouthfuls or dramatically gags and makes angry faces. She now sleeps in her crib every night, instead of in her cradle beside our bed. The crib transition was easy, however, getting up in the middle of the night and walking into her room to calm her is a lot harder than simply rolling over and rocking her back to sleep. We celebrated Cal’s first Halloween by going over to granny’s house to show off her Charlie Brown costume. Hand-made by Mom – Painted yellow shirt, black knit pants, brown suede shoes, and complete with Snoopy backpack.

Month5_1Cal watching a video of herself.  Delighted and completely captivated.

Month5_2So in love with this precious baby cardigan.  One of my absolute favorites.



Month5_5The morning after her first night in the crib.  Sunshine and happiness, as usual.




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