Our House – The Before Photos

We purchased our first home knowing full well that it was definitely a “fixer-upper”. It was left in rough condition by the previous owners. VERY rough condition. But we saw the abundant potential (location, neighborhood, property size, layout, PRICE) and made our offer on it within 48 hours of being listed. We have lots of big plans and ideas for this place. This is the very beginning…

House_1 House_2 House_3

The front entrance needed to be completely torn apart and built up again because of pet damage.  Beneath that ugly vinal was a subfloor so soaked with cat urine that it had made the wood mushy and soft to step on.


The hardwood floors throughout the house needed to be completely refinished, again, because of pet damage.  The black marks in the wood – cat urine stains that had long been neglected.


There was wallpaper border throughout the ENTIRE house.  Every room except one had to be soaked, scraped and cleaned before painting.  At eight months pregnant, this project was the bane of my existence.


A very messy kitchen, during demo, and before we had moved in.

House_7 House_8 House_9 House_10

The smallest of the three bedrooms.  What will be an office and eventually a kid’s room.


Our master bedroom

House_12 House_13 House_14 House_15

Caroline’s room

House_16 House_17

The “futuristic” yet very 1980’s main-floor bathroom

House_18 House_19 House_20

The finished basement with Florida/Sun room in back

House_21 House_22 House_24 House_25

Second full bath in basement.  The original owners put two, TWO, layers of wallpaper on top of one another and painted on top of that.  Plus one more wallpaper border thrown on top to finish it off nicely. 


The Florida room/ Sun room

House_27 House_28

Backyard extends to the street



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