One Month With Caroline

It’s been exactly one month since Cal was born, although it seems longer.  It seems like she’s been with us forever.  She’s obsessed with sucking (definitely going to be a thumb-sucker), loves baths but not pools (yet), sleeps with her hands up near her face, and we can always get smiles out of her by tickling her bottom lip.  She is absolutely awesome and her Mom takes way too many pictures of her.

Late night in the hospital, right after a feeding. Everyone was asleep but Mom.IMG_01 IMG_02

One of the first days home and just takin’ it all in.IMG_03

Those eyelashesIMG_04

Very first dip in the pool.  She loved it, obviously.IMG_05 IMG_06 IMG_07 IMG_09 IMG_15

Taken today, July 1st, one month old.  She just started giving us real smiles in the last week.IMG_17 IMG_18


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