Loving Lately – First Trimester

I’m in the beginning of my second trimester now, but  these are some things I absolutely loved during the first.


  1. GAP Maternity  GAP has an impressively large selection of stylist maternity clothes.  Their tops look just like regular styles with added length and extra stretch on the sides.  They have online sales ALL the time and discounts range from 25-40% off.
  2. Leggings  The comfiest maternity outfit (aside from yoga pants and my husband’s t-shirt, but I can’t exactly wear that sort of thing to work) is a jersey-knit dress with leggings and flats.  So comfy I almost feel a little embarrassed wearing it out in public.  Like I’m getting away with something sneaky.
  3. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Body Oil  This oil is light, absorbs beautifully and best of all has a soft, pleasant, lemon smell.  Smells have been extremely important to me lately, since that sense has been heightened to super-power levels.  I use every day after I get out of the shower.  It leaves my skin baby soft and doesn’t leave any trace behind on my clothes.
  4. Expecting 411  This is the only pregnancy book I’ve purchased so far.  It’s well organized, matter-of-fact and all the scary stuff is tucked away in one chapter.  As a first time Mom, it’s nice to not have to read about evvvverything that could happen while you’re pregnant.  The author’s take is, “if you’re having a healthy and normal pregnancy, great!  Just read this stuff.  And if you need information on complications that could be affecting you, turn to this chapter – ONLY if you need it!”
  5. Pregnancy Journal  This was a gift from my friend Sophia – fellow preggo.  She loved this journal and I really do too.  It’s part baby book keepsake, part weekly pregnancy guide.  There are many pages for you to write and answer questions about what’s happening during each stage if your pregnancy.
  6. Snoogle Body Pillow  As a life-long stomach sleeper, I was dreading the transition to sleeping on my side.  This pillow made the roll over much easier.  I big-spoon this baby every night and absolutely love it.  The only negative is that my husband has a tendency to steal it from me in the middle of the night.  BONUS – You can “sculpt” this pillow into many shapes to prop you up while watching tv or to nestle under boobs and baby for supportive breast feeding.


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